Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog Post: ‘Ink Master’ Prologue [Tattooing]

There is a blog post over at the Tattoo Artist Magazine Blog about the Season 2 of Ink Masters.  There is some four letter words so a word to the wise...


By Victor Farinelli On Tuesday October 9th, Ink Masters Season 2 begins. I am not here to say anything pro or con about this show or shows about tattooing in general. I am just a sucker for “reality” TV. I used to watch wrestling when I was a kid. That’s real, right? With that being said, I am here to give you the play-by-play as the color commentator on this season of Days of Our Lives: Tattoo Addition. A regular old “Mean” Gene Okerlund, if you will. Each week I am going to give a recap of each episode. From the funny, to the absurd, to Mr. Peck’s line-of-the-episode. It should be interesting to say the least. So before the show begins, let’s look at the players…
Read the rest at TAM Blog.

Quiltcon Registration has begun! [Quilting]

Registration for Quiltcon 2013.  This fills up fast!  I am only taking one class (all day) on freemotion quilting by Angela Walters (she rules!).  The conference fills up fast so you best be getting registered! As we say in the metal word: SEE YOU IN THE PIT!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Karavan freestyle quilt - top [Quilting]

I had this bundle of fat quarters of Valori Wells's Karavan collection and I didn't have a real plan or pattern on how I wanted do with it.  I started just by making sure I could get at least a few full elephants out of the three fat quarters I had Marrakech fabric. From there I just kinda improvised.  I think the top with all the colors is super crazy looking.  But I am happy with it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Quilting Negative Space Class [Quilting]

So I took this class online over at that was presented by Angela Walters who has got to be the best (and my personal favorite) free-motion quilter on the freaken planet!  She rules!

Anyway this was a class on quilting negative space.  I got a panel that she designed to was suggested to be used for the class to work on my free-motion designing. Now, I have only been quilting for less than a year now so this is not too bad for a greenhorn.

If you want to get some ideas about quilting I would highly recommend her book and the class.

Here are some pictures...

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Quilting Negative Space

Monday, August 6, 2012

1001 Peeps and Wonkie Applique Quilt [Quilting]

My wife reminded me of that I have not posted about one of the quilts I did and after looking at my Flickr sets  I see that I forgot to post the finished product of the wonkie quilt I was working on.

The first is the 1001 Peeps Magic Carpet quilt I did.  I gave it to a tattoo artist friend.  Steve Byrne works at Rock of Ages Tattoo studio in Austin.  He just had a new baby girl and I wanted to give his son something, thinking that he might be feeling a little jealous of the new arrival.

1001 peeps quilt

1001 peeps quilt

1001 peeps

1001 Peeps

1001 peeps quilt

As I said in an early post, I started a wonkie quilt and I decided to serge the top together. But instead of just a regular overlock stitch I decided to do a really cool Wave stitch that is available on the Baby Lock Evolution serger. fianse

When I got the backing fabric I also decided to applique some of the butterflies on the top.  I gave this one to another tattoo artist that works at Rock of Ages, Jay Chastain.  He and his fiance just had a little girl and I wanted to give it to them for the little one.

Wonkie Quilt

Wonkie Quilt

Wonkie Quilt...with my feet



Babylock Serger Wave Stitch

Wonkie Quilt

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Robopocalypse [Quilting]

Just finished a robot quilt for a friend of mine's boy Blixa.  Blixa is the coolest kid in the world.  Even Hardcore Zen author Brad Warner thinks Blixa rules. Here is Ultraman A.K.A Blixa with Brad.

I used the Robot Factory fabric from Robert Kaufman. I hope he likes it.  







Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cool Quilting Class by Angela Walters [Quilting]

So I started taking this online class by Angela Walters called "Machine Quilting Negative Space".  Man this class rules!  It is opening my mind to so many new ways of quilting.  I highly recommend it.  Here is a practice piece that I am working on.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Video Tutorial on Longarm Free Motion Quilting! [Quilting]

Judy over at Green Fairy Quilts has a great tutorial on longarm free motion quilting.  I just started using a longarm and it is taking a little of getting used to but I am starting to get the hang of it.
Video Tutorial:

Okay, I had a little too much fun putting this video together. It is around 6 minutes, so hunker down and plan for that. By the end of the video you will either be dancing or thinking I am the biggest dork - either way I had fun putting this together. I hope you like it!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doctor Who Season Seven Trailer is Online

This is getting me psyched for a new quilting project I am gonna do for a friend.

Doctor Who Season Seven Trailer is Online:

The trailer for Season Seven (or Series if you are in the UK) of Doctor Who is now online.
The preview shows snippets of the upcoming season instead of just the first episode, and this being the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary, each of the 14 episodes is promised to be “blockbuster movie” length.

Seems there is a lot of everything in this upcoming season. The Doctor is still dealing with the exponential consequences of his actions (or inaction as he suggests) and some favorite enemies are set to return. Obviously Daleks return as well as the ever popular weeping angels. I like the idea of Dinos on a Spaceship too, and I am really curious to see The Doctor in the Wild West (because Stetsons are cool!)
The primary teaser image shows the Doctor seemingly cradling a dead or uncoscious Amy Pond, and at this point I think the only way to honestly let her leave the show is dead.
The Doctor has never been this closely tied to a companion as much as he is with Amy. If you don’t know why, I won’t spoil it for you here. She’s my favourite companion, but I think that her story has already been told and there is little more we can do with her.
I am excited to see what they do with Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion, which may well show up after the midseason break and Christmas Special.
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