Friday, January 27, 2012

Bobs Heavy Metal Quilt [Metal, Quilting]

I completed another T-shirt quilt for my friend Bob.  He had some cool shirts definitely!

Bob's Metal Quilt





That's Why I'm Easy...

Had some Extra screen printing from the sleeves of this long sleeve Entombed Shirt that I appliqued to the square.



Blut Aus Nord

He had some extra shirts that did not fit the theme so I cut them up, put interfacing on them, and appliqued then to the back of the quilt.


One of the Back Panels

Blut Aus Nord

Now to finish my so called Simplicity Quilt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Quilt: Another Heavy Metal T-Shirt Quilt [Quilting] [Music]

A friend of mine saw the Enslaved T-shirt quilts I made and asked me if I would make a quilt for him out of some of his shirts.  Hey, free material!  He had some cool shirts so I figure I will give it a whirl.

 I have made a couple of squares.  I like this one the best so far. 

Blut Aus Nord Shirt

Blut Aus Nord

I appliqued the back of the Blut Aus Nord shirt to the back of the quilt square. I thought that might look kinda cool.
Blut Aus Nord

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt - Finish [Quilting]

My sewing on this was not the greatest but Vera likes it so that is the important thing...

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt

The stitching isn't great but it's pretty good for a rookie...

Not perfect but Vera likes it....

Vera on her new quilt...

Vera on her new quilt

Friday, January 6, 2012

Orchid - Capricorn [Music]

Just like any metal sub-genre, doom has its share of good and not so good -even downright terrible. San Francisco Orchid debut full length will make you want to bust out the dashikis, bell-bottoms and moccasins. This record is a riff-fest of epic proportions. Vocalist Theo Mindell has opened a cosmic portal into the time space continuum and stolen the soul of one John Michael Osbourne. His voice is full of passion that comes through in each of the songs.  Mark Thomas Baker guitar tone is heavy without being bogged down with sludge.  Each track has the depth and texture of a late ‘60s heavy rock classic but still sound new and fresh.  The For fans of very early Sabbath, Lucifer’sFriend, or Janus.  Capricorn is available at Amazon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Quilt: Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt - Part 1 [Quilting]

While I am waiting for my backing fabric that I ordered for my Simplicity quilt to get here, I decided to start making a little doggie quilt for our 17 year old pup Vera.

To make the top, I am just piecing together a Max and Whiskers charm pack(which are super hard to find.

Max and Whiskers Doggie Quilt 

My lovely wife suggested I use another charm pack on the back. That is in progress.

Here is a picture of our old girl....

Sleepy Time