Friday, January 6, 2012

Orchid - Capricorn [Music]

Just like any metal sub-genre, doom has its share of good and not so good -even downright terrible. San Francisco Orchid debut full length will make you want to bust out the dashikis, bell-bottoms and moccasins. This record is a riff-fest of epic proportions. Vocalist Theo Mindell has opened a cosmic portal into the time space continuum and stolen the soul of one John Michael Osbourne. His voice is full of passion that comes through in each of the songs.  Mark Thomas Baker guitar tone is heavy without being bogged down with sludge.  Each track has the depth and texture of a late ‘60s heavy rock classic but still sound new and fresh.  The For fans of very early Sabbath, Lucifer’sFriend, or Janus.  Capricorn is available at Amazon.

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