Friday, December 23, 2011

Enslaved Quilts! [Quilting] [Music]

So I had not quilted in about 10 years and what better way to begin again that with a damn hard project. Knits are not fun to sew with....
One of my all time favorite bands is Norwegian extreme progressive metal band Enslaved. So needless to say, I have a butt-load of shirts from the seeing them in concert a number of times. So it was time to make some room in the closet and pay tribute at the same time!


It has begun!

I first cut shirt fronts and backs into 14 inch squares. The 16x16 square ruler is my new friend.


Then I put black fusible interface on the back to make them easier to deal with.

Some cut blocks.

I did this a little different from a regular quilt in that I quilted each square individually and then sewed them together afterword.


Quilting the bocks...



Enslaved T-Shirt Quilt

Enslaved Quilt

Enslaved Quilt

Enslaved Quilt

Binding time...

Me quilting

Finished products...

Quilt one...

Enslaved Quilt

Quilt Two

Quilt 2

And my favorite one...

Enslaved Quilt 2

Enslaved Quilt 2

Enslaved Quilt 2


Next up...a "normal" "simple" quilt...


  1. You're inspiring my husband! (He's a big metal fan, too, and is discovering his crafty side.)