Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quiltcon: Day One

DAMN!  Quiltcon is the shit!  It is so fucking awesome!  Sorry make the folks who aren't here feel bad but it is jammin'.  My first day was spent taking a class but the AWESOME Angela Walters.  I learned a lot!  We were quilting on white fabric and that made me a little self-conscious about my quilting but, hey, I have only been quilting for a little over a year, so I need to recognize!

Here are a few pictures from the class:

Angela and I!

Angela Walters and Myself!

My quilting partner during the class





  1. So fun to meet you too and thanks for the offer of a ride. My walk ended with a six-pack in hand! xo

  2. Victor,

    It was so great meeting your in Angela's class.. assisting in there was such a joy and watching your BadAss it up on the longarm was awesome! Hope to see you at another show soon!

    Maddie- BadAss Quilters Society ( on Fb)

    1. It was awesome meeting you!! Hopefully see you soon!

  3. It was great watching you work and your enthusiasm is infectious! Loved being in Angela's class with you!

    --mandy (two seats to your left)